Morphology: questions on method and language

IFILNOVA Supported Project

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The essential presupposition of this project concerns the possible to go from the double set of concepts nature/ art to the set art/ science since the concepts associated with the morphological thought allow it: form, figure, formation, metamorphosis, synopsis, movement, force, pulsing, correlate (perception and language), polarity, intensification (Johann von Goethe, 1982). This transition is particularly relevant in what concerns anthropology, history, art history and biology. It is at stake to find intersections using morphological though principles in what concerns the biggest obstacle in creative thought: the total set of mediations that shape our everyday life from a technological and scientific point of view (as for instance Wittgenstein shows in “Culture and Value”). First methodological demand: to acknowledge the right of one to position directly before things, in particular before nature and art. Second: to acknowledge that in the things to be known are the conditions of its description

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